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I Am New to the Insurance Business

Q: Why be an independent agent?

A: Being an independent agent has many advantages over being a captive agent. Independent agents work for themselves. They have their own business. Independent agents generally have a wide variety of products and companies and work on behalf of the client. The variety is good for the client and the agent. Independent agents have no restrictions from a parent company telling them what products they can or cannot sell. Usually the commissions are greater for an independent agent. Once an independent agent retires or leaves the business, they will receive renewal income for many years. A captive agent, for example, would be one that works for State Farm or Allstate.



       Captive        Independent
Who owns the book of business? The company The agent
How long do you get renewals? Unitl you leave the company As long as the policies are in affect
Can you cross-sell other lines of insurance? Usually no Yes
Do you have quotas? Yes No



Q: Do I need Errors and Omission (E&O) insurance to work as an independent agent? 

A: As an insurance sales agent, your Errors and Omissions  (E&O) insurance coverage could be your most important investment. Protecting you and your family from the expense of a potential lawsuit or legal action is critical. Some carriers will not appoint you if you do not have E&O insurance.

Look at ‘Agent Resources’ on our websites for information E&O insurance providers.



Q: Why should you contract with Pirco Insurance Services Inc.?

A: Pirco Insurance Services Inc., is a national independent marketing organization specializing in the the distribution of Life, Final Expense, LTC, and Annuity Products. Pirco prides itself on carrying only the top-rated carriers. As a Pirco Insurance Partner, you can contract with all of our Carriers.


Everyone needs insurance. You have the opportunity to generate substantial commissions and renewals. The longer you wait, the more business opportunities will be missed. Don’t let that happen! Start selling as soon as you are contracted, and there is no time like the present to start growing your business. All you need to do is fill out the information boxes below to get started.



Q: What does it cost you?

A: There is no cost to partner with us to build your business. We will not charge you for our training and assistance, nor do we have any hidden fees of any kind.



Q: What if you want a contract Pirco Insurance Services doesn’t offer?

A: That is no problem. Pirco encourages you to get contracts that you feel you need for your specific market. We do not hold you captive to sell only our contracted carriers.